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Our biggest & baddest #RTXOn #E32019 prize of them all. This $5,000 NVIDIA G-SYNC 4K 65'in ULTIMATE BFGD from…

1 day ago

Asa Butterfield

THANK YOOOU @nvidia 😍 ! ! !

1 day ago

Spiros Margaris

Amazing site uses #AI to turn your #scribbles into lovely landscapes #fintech…

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RT @kajikent: Nvidiaが公開したお絵かきをリアルな写真に変換してくれ- るやつで遊んでるんだけど、精度がすさまじくて驚いてる。 近- い将来、絵のうまい人は A)単純に絵描きがうまい人、B)マシンにイメージを伝えるの- が上手い人の2タイプになっていきそう。 http:…

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Today at #RHSummit, NVIDIA and @RedHat introduced the combination of NVIDIA's GPU-accelerated computing platform an…

1 month ago

Red Hat, Inc.

#RedHat expands its alliance with @nvidia to accelerate and scale #AI and #machinelearning workloads across…

1 month ago

Radeon RX

"If you're in the market for a sub $150 card for 1080p gaming, the RX 570 is definitely the one to go for" -…

1 month ago

nVidia / アパム弾くれ

てか、思うけどレート上げたいと思ってるやつおるの?? いるのならば構成があかんとかわかるやろ????

1 month ago