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Fox News

Breaking News: @POTUS, in interview, says he plans to sign executive order ending birthright citizenship for babies…

1 month ago

Sam Stein

Guys. Trump can’t terminate amendments via executive order. To respond as if he’s ending birthright citizenship bec…

1 month ago

Bill Kristol

Trump's claim that he can undo birthright citizenship by executive order will be an interesting test of Trump's con…

1 month ago

Northumbria Alumni

We are delighted to have @elainewarburton from @QuantuMDx as one of our keynote speakers at our up and coming Execu…

1 month ago

Mrs Palakkadan

@SuryahSG The Exalted Lordships are doing it because they are being allowed to get away it; i.e. interfering in the…

1 month ago

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