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Jk Pak

RT @NASAExoplanets: @rangedtrooper @LEGO_Group @NASAEarth @astroneergame The is great! It reminds of the exoplanet OGLE 2005-BLG-390L, an i…

5 days ago

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Laurence Tribe

I’m not underestimating the civil unrest that could follow a decision to indict Trump, but when the evidence of his…

2 weeks ago

Robert Reich

Nixon's criminality pales next to Trump's. Nixon tried to cover up a third-rate burglary. Trump tried to steal Amer…

2 weeks ago

Rob Reiner

Merrick Garland knows Donald Trump is guilty of numerous Federal Crimes. He also knows that if he Indicts most like…

2 weeks ago

Gulan Sher

RT @aqib_019: Every soldier has taken an oath that he will stay away from political affairs. The Pakistan Army is our lifeblood, it should…

2 weeks ago