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Los Angeles Gladiators

Next stop: Olympus. 🌩️ This week's #WallpaperWednesday comes from @anarchyasf! Download high-res versions ➡️…

17 hours ago

Greg Bennett

Karen sits at the top of the Mount Olympus of Housewives

9 hours ago

Simu Liu

Anyone feel like rebooting Olympus Has Fallen?

5 days ago


RT @kishi_light: OLYMPUS

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

You know why all this backlash happens when we say “Tax the Rich?” Because the unquestionable norm is to tax the p…

1 month ago

Kirstie Alley

Is it possible humans would create a deadly virus to BEGIN the control of earth? If ur answer is “no it’s too far f…

1 month ago

Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Whatever Senator Ron Johnson does in the rest of his life, this will follow him forever. This will be what history…

1 month ago


全く同じ事象の人がいたわ。 ちょっと今夜自分でやってみて… だめなら修理か買い替えか…

1 month ago