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"The monotonous repetition that “the NHS is the envy of the world” isn’t anywhere close to the truth," argues the I…

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Dan Bongino

The way the “justice” systems at the state & federal levels have been politicized by anti-Trump zealots is the begi…

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The Rockefeller Foundation

As a doctor, @daktari1 realized the problem was outside the clinic. Strong #health systems don't just respond to di…

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Terry Brown

RT @RaeUK: @juleandtheholos @Huttoneer @MOCHrist1E @hugo_buff @Glinner 99.98%+ of people are observable at birth as male or female. This pr…

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Niels van Oort

RT @ravigadepalli: @alokjainhk and @Niels_van_oort speaking at the @UITPnews 2nd Metro seminar. Both highlight the need for Multi-modality…

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