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is an online backup solution that offers backup clients for Windows NT based systems and Mac OS

9 years ago

Josh Stearns

@billchilds seems to combine a backup solution with online storage - that's the combo I'm looking for.

9 years ago

David C. Baker

@Chris_Nitz @scott_wood I'm looking for a good online backup solution in case my hard drives get stolen (they did not), what do you use?

9 years ago


Hard Drives crash, Online isn’t really feasible. There has to be a better backup solution.

9 years ago

Howie Isaacks 

Great online backup solution! Unlimited and very inexpensive.

9 years ago

tadam george

Complete PC backup and synchronization software solution. Manage your file backups on PC or LAN and online backups at Amazon S3 and...

9 years ago

Xavier Portela

Testing @smugmug for 3 days now as a non-expensive solution for backup highres JPG online. Looks good even if I'm not a fan of the design.

9 years ago

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