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shanta simmons

Im up to early on a Saturday i suppose to be sleeping late or atleast try to get all my rest while i can


7 years ago

1D love ( Tiffany

Don't say "ily" . It could mean " i'm leaving you " " I like you " or even worse " I loved you "


7 years ago

Carolyn Grayson

Help! Bangs, no bangs, blond or red? Time for my next hair appointment and I don't know what to do.... http://t.co/GjmBY30A


7 years ago


@Glowlian tell us if its good or no please xD


7 years ago

arabelle apolonio

RT @wisdomsquote: When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can le ...


7 years ago


RT @OliverBloomART: What drives creativity.. passion or anger . or a marriage of both .in variations


7 years ago

TRuk Ya Girl!

Story story @MiZz__zURi: It's not about passing jamb or whatever, most of us went to private unis to avoid strikes and shht.


7 years ago

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