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@JessLynnMoreno If you want you can supplement with formula. I had NO IDEA you could bf and formula feed. I had cra…

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Robert Reich

Cost of CT scan in the US $1,100 Cost of CT scan in the Netherlands $140 America spends more on health care than…

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Charlie Kirk

Facts: Michael Bloomberg is worth $54 Billion He's self-funding his campaign Yet he still exploited cheap prison…

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#BTS 「2020 BTS WINTER PACKAGE」BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP&UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE限定販売商品の発売決定!12月27日(金)11:00から予約販売を行います!詳細→

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Sevyn Alexander

RT @_theantagonist: Protect your mental health. Be aware of your surrounds and who you allow into your space.

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