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RT @PhyoThetNaing17: ေစာက္ဖုတ္အယက္ခံပီး ေအးေဆးအလို- းခံခ်င္တဲ့ေစာ္ရွိလား

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oriza silaen

RT @jesswjk: Gue blm pada tahap takut pada kericuhan yg terjadi sih. Cuma buat gue; Anies, Prabowo, Sandiaga, Amien Rais, Yusuf Martak, Tit…

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オリザ!!! on 🇪🇸

ヒャーーー すばらしく良い、好き #Castillod- elosTemplarios #Ponferrada

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オリザ!!! on 🇪🇸

上から、城沿いの道 街のすぐ向こうに山がある #Cas- tillodelosTemplarios #Ponferr- ada

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We loved turning the @empirestatebldg purple tonight for our fans #BTSARMY. We love you! #BTSxNYC…

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Shawn Mendes

🥺❤️ the sweetest girl I’ve ever met! Love u Amelia!!

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Shawn Mendes

Love you! ❤️

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erin misses bts 🐝 RIDE FOR NAMJIN (nsfr)

RT @blckexcelllence: (2/3) - annoys all of his teachers but they can’t help but love him - light skin power is out OF THIS WORLD - EVERY gi…

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RT @SakimiChanArt: Just finished watching #shieldhero ! #RAPHTALIA story is really touching and I love her design <3 I tried to paint her…

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