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Ashton Irwin

1 year ago we released the album Youngblood out of pure love, survival and relentless pursuit of reaching higher he…

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BTS Takes #BoyWithLuv19thWin And 8th Consecutive Win On "Music Core"

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J. Cole

10 years ago The Warm Up dropped. Thanks 2 all that have listened 2 the foundation of my whole journey. My catalo…

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Franco Bros Fan Acount 🐝

@jay_shapiro @RogueNotary Why do you think Bret's rhetoric towards right wing identarians is so much more gentle th…

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Lurlene 🗣

@amaryllisalpha @BunterHelen @dollydhalay1 I ask myself this constantly. And don’t forget the time involved in just dreaming this stuff up.

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