Pain And Passion tweets

Amanda Malis

The passion and the pain is gunna keep us alive someday..

8 years ago

Charles Washoma

RT @AnthonySilard: You can play the victim role and complain about your pain. Alternatively, you can feel it, heal it, and transform it ...

8 years ago

Jose Marrero

I think "Anticipation ll" & "Passion, Pain, And Pleasure" was his best work..

8 years ago

Lucky Mazibuko

MIND becoming ONE with the BODY "Pain&Passion" for the love of Health and Fitness

8 years ago

B. Raynita

"Ready" and "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" been playing all day.

8 years ago

Lara Rae

An Aquarius and Leo union has 2 possibilities: 1. The air will fuel a fire of passion or 2. The air will fuel a fire of pain.

8 years ago

Juicy ❤

RT @JBurrisCAPO: Love isn't something that one learns to just happens,love is the mother..passion, pain,pleasure,is the kids and ...

8 years ago

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