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Fantasy Pariah #FPL

@seanfromenderby Sean ppl going after my character as I’ve defended a racist. Any Tipz?

30 minutes ago

Michael Daley

@petmorr67 @top_tipz @HBabineux He only wins if you don't mind being seen as a total prick by society. His sacking…

43 minutes ago

Republican Griffiths

@trophybhoy @top_tipz @HBabineux His decision hurts everyone else whilst it actually benefits him. He was never goi…

46 minutes ago

Michael Daley

@petmorr67 @top_tipz @HBabineux He knew the score and ignored it. Unfortunately his decision affects everyone. He i…

51 minutes ago

Republican Griffiths

@trophybhoy @top_tipz @HBabineux Give him a playing ban and fine heavily for example 3 months wages with the money…

52 minutes ago

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