Pandora Charms tweets

Thomas Wood

Haha. I get it. Jared is advertising Pandora Charms on my Pandora radio station. Ha! #Itsnoteven11am #sonotcutoutforadayjob

7 years ago

Taylor Watson

I want new pandora charms. #christmaspresent #yesplease ****

7 years ago


#pandora #bracelet #charms #birthday #present #jewellery #armcandy

7 years ago

Jessica April

@_kelcar I know!!! I'd get her like more pandora charms but there filled

7 years ago


Anybody wanna get me anything for christmas i need some charms for my pandora bracelet.

7 years ago

Ms. Kaplan

Charms | PANDORA | Car!!!!!

7 years ago

gabby quinn ∞

All I want for Christmas is a mk watch and pandora charms and a Mac and to go to Italy... That's it though.

7 years ago

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