Partners tweets

Amanda Valletta

It's my partners birthday! Happy birthday jameel! I loved the time we spent dancing together, and the times

11 years ago

Priyanka ★

RT @XSTROLOGY: #Pisces hates when their partners are distant.

11 years ago

Zola Tshayana

That's a bit scary RT@FactsorDie: The white blood cells from your partners mouth will attack yours when embracing in a kiss.

11 years ago

Quora Questions

How Do You Reach Out to Strategic Marketing Partners for an Alliance?

11 years ago

Sissy Maids

Mona Drozd liked How green travelers can become partners in sustainable tourism: Marinus Gisolf is a man on a…

11 years ago

Ashor Sarupen

RT @Kate_Lorimer: Partners in crime @DKB20 National and @kate_lorimer Gauteng

11 years ago

Izzo Umunnakwe

If u've slept wif more dan 10 partners & u still refer 2 ur reproductive organ as "private part" u're wrong, itz a "Universal Charger"

11 years ago

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