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❌Little Tommy🤠❌🎭🎰🏌🏾‍♂️🏍🍷

@HU_is_John_Galt @DavMicRot On the bottom of his foot...when he stepped on the note scribbled on a mars candy wrapp…

19 hours ago

A.S.M ♥️

That moment when I press on the wrapper of my candy bar and I’m left shocked when I see its empty... legit wanna know where it went 😩😩😭😭

1 day ago

Sparks the Echidna

@aoii91 Elementary School I only got them cause it was mandatory. Middle School someone gave me Trash as a joke tha…

1 day ago


RT @TheMarcStone: I think I just bit off, chewed, and swallowed a piece of this Snickers wrapper, along with a modest bite of the actual ca…

1 day ago

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Dan Pfeiffer

Here's how we know this isn't a real crisis: - Trump's solution would take years to build - Half the Cabinet is hea…

1 month ago

Conor McGregor

Hello. That man here is a fireman from New Jersey! I arranged to meet a crew of first responders, from firemen to…

1 month ago

Arturo Pérez-Reverte

A veces basta con mirar la cara de ciertos seres humanos, leer una línea escrita por ellos, escuchar unas palabras…

1 month ago


RT @jaimeebabyy: When me and amara stole granola bars from fresh grocer bc we hadn’t ate in 3 days

1 month ago


2h Solsona: Temp. 4.1 °C, Hum. 36 %, Bar. 1014.6 hPa, Pluja 0 mm, Vent 0 km/h O #Weathercloud

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