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Skinny Jeans

RT @RuennaBabyShop: Denim Co. Skinny Pants Rp. 85.000 . Made in Bangladesh Bahan cotton jeans stretch, lembut, lentur, nyaman dipakai. Ada…

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#おニャン子クラブ「セーラー服を脱がさないで」🎵 #チェッ- カーズ「ジュリアに傷心」🎵 #名曲お宝音楽祭 名曲お宝音楽祭 - フジテレビ #fujitv

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RT @akiko_lawson: \ #Lチキ無料プレゼント !/ デカくて、マジうまっ!フォロー&リツイートで10日間- 連続、毎日1万名様にLチキが当たります(^^) 7日目は9- /27 10:59まで♪ #ローソン #Lチキ #ごちろう…

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Dan Rather

One has the sense that Bob Woodward’s new book has lit a fuse that will soon explode into presidential pyrotechnics…

3 weeks ago

Sen Dianne Feinstein

The Chevron doctrine gives federal agencies flexibility to protect the environment, public health, workers & much m…

2 weeks ago

Kamala Harris

This hearing is about who will sit in a house that symbolizes our system of justice in this country. Let your Senat…

3 weeks ago

Cine Corea del Norte

RT @BBCLBicker: Looks like the South Korean meeting with Kim Jong-un went well judging from these photos. Awaiting briefing later. https:/…

2 weeks ago

Litlhare Rabele

@MatambaL I hear you, my point is that women should be appointed/ elected to lead in Africa. We have capable women…

2 weeks ago