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Janina Malone

MT @patentlyo: #Patent: Can the 271(e)(1) Safe Harbor Help DuPont Escape its $1 Billion Verdict? #GMO

10 years ago

Robert Shippey

I just read a job title "Paint examiner" and thought 'how effin boring' then realised it said "patent examiner" and my opinion didnt change.

10 years ago

Michael E. Woods

All Things Patent is out!

10 years ago

Gum Drop! ☺

RT @BowDownFor_Nee: I hate waiting , i Aint patent Bby theirs no debating, is you with it or not ?

10 years ago

Emil A. Georgiev

#SCOTUS has Granted Cert in the #Myriad Case, Question: Are Human #Genes #Patentable

10 years ago

Káh Federico ツ

Court to Decide if Human Genes Can Be Patented

10 years ago

world news reader

#google #intel #3com Apple files patent for true wireless charging technology - ... #tec #dell #acer #hp

10 years ago

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