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#WATON For all who are #ProEU

RT @albawhitewolf: it's patently obvious that Theresa May's government has zero compassion for human beings. To think that they would prior…

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Apple Investor News

Apples iPhone X is the Instant Scapegoat for Samsungs Failure to Win OLED Orders from Chinese Vend ((Jack Purcher)/…

2 days ago

Helen A Park

@RogueCIAsurveil @CarsonDunn10 Oh dearie me they appear to have put their O's in the wrong words, clearly they were…

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RT @ruskhat: @TzipiChaiYay @kppotatoes @nissatal @magill_vin @LStarofDavid @AdamSaeedSweden @ZioBuster @dsbreger @Lolemali @missdjgripper @…

2 days ago

Russell Khater

@TzipiChaiYay @kppotatoes @nissatal @magill_vin @LStarofDavid @AdamSaeedSweden @ZioBuster @dsbreger @Lolemali…

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