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Eco-land lab

Comparing the effect of salvage logging on birds in the Mediterranean Basin and the Rocky Mountains: Common patterns,

7 years ago

Nick Amos

The West and Patterns of Genocides in Africa.

7 years ago

voldemorts bff

School has messed up my sleeping patterns sooo much oh lawdie

7 years ago

Andrea Mae

This one is so hard to read, so many different voting patterns! Nathan Fillion #dramatictvactor #peopleschoice

7 years ago


RT @ademoor: Pre-print of my article "Creativity Meets Rationale - Collaboration Patterns for Social Innovation" now available at http:/ ...

7 years ago

J o e y ! ☃

@ERMELIAAA eh no sorry!! Attachment patterns and enculturation = 2 concepts I mean :x hehehe.

7 years ago

lizzie king

@BoomNails did you decorate it yourself? I LOVE the colours an patterns, so saved by the bell-esque x x

7 years ago

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