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Nernge Dude & Piper

Sometimes you gotta tell your hooman to talk to the paw!! -Piper- #themanxandthemainecoon…

1 month ago

Dabs into 2018

RT @californiayote: i hope you find love this year i hope you find someone that will love you for who you are, someone who will listen to…

1 month ago


RT @P_4568: 군대 내에서 남군들에게 집단 괴롭힘을 당하신 여성분의 글입니다 공론화를 도와주세요

1 month ago

Adorable Pets

Talk to the paw! #Cute #Animals + #Dog & #Cat #Pics = #LuvAdorablePets #Love #Adopt #Rescue

1 month ago

Crashdown – Roswell

RT @TwoHeadedWriter: Come over to our FB page and post a pic of your pet for a change to win a copy of Talk to the…

1 month ago

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