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Larger Than Words™

RT @twotivational: Pay attention and observe the people you allow into your life, fake individuals dress themselves up as being real. #B ...

8 years ago

One Flossy African™

When people go out to eat & pay in credit cards >>>>> makes life easier for me.

8 years ago


〜LCYW-EN253〜 You can pay 500 Life Points; Special Summon 1 "Mystical Shine Ball" from your hand or Deck.

8 years ago


Studying my life away ** no games for me today it's okay it'll pay off in the end ** #focused

8 years ago


@racheljoyMI @itsmeAlRuel how much did you pay facundo?? is it worth his life?ahaha

8 years ago


The best things in life are free so why do we pay attention

8 years ago


That's when you realized you've done nothing with your life, now pay yourself on the back

8 years ago

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