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The domestic gag rule is an attack on our rights. The White House has no business deciding what a doctor or nurse c…

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Kimberley Strassel

Wait. Which "one"? The one about how Team Clinton paid for the dossier? Or the one about how the FBI used it in a F…

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John Dean

Next he will blame Hillary, then Obama, then the Democrats. Never, ever, does he take responsibility for his action…

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RT @sagarikaghose: Update on #MajorGogoi : questioned by police and sent back to his unit. An officer of the Indian Army in Kashmir booking…

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RT @karington_: when @lukecombs said tonight “have you ever broke up with someone or been broken up with & it be the best thing that ever h…

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【2018年8月20日オープン!】 東京ディズニーシーのアメリカンウォーターフロントに新しいレストラン「ドックサイドダイナー」が登場! 窓から見えるS.S.コロンビア号に旅への思いをはせながら、新たに登場するお料理をどうぞお楽しみ…

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Matt Cagle

BREAKING: The ACLU has obtained records showing Amazon helping governments deploy a dangerous new facial recognitio…

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hai 🌹

Hey guys!! Here’s my latest blog post, please give it a read for me ✨ and thank you for the continued support!

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