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Ramsey Isler

if you can't get to Facebook on your PC, try it on your phone (or vice versa). The site is up but the DNS servers are wonky. #facebook


9 years ago

Vanessa Van Horn

Is anyone else having fb trouble? Havent been able to get on w.my pc or phone


9 years ago


@kelvinwins Aye, won't work in either browser for me on the pc / on my phone! Can add that to the list...


9 years ago

Clowance Cotterill

@randomflowers That would explain it, I'd tried everything on my phone to try and get it to work, then resorted to my pc lol :/ #awks xx


9 years ago

Jennifer D

Cannot connect to fb through phone or pc ? Weird my Internet is working??


9 years ago

King Satanas

@AnaDemons after i translated i understand...i want to say me too i have the same problem i can't open my Facebook in my PC even in my Phone


9 years ago


@KimberleyJones_ I haven't downloaded it yet because you have my other phone, the only one that connects to my PC :(


9 years ago

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