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Approximately 2500 present and former employees of @newscorpaus are owed $1.5 million in underpaid super. Any…

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Quentin Dempster

⁦@australian⁩ is out to destroy grass roots campaigner ⁦@GetUp⁩ which strives for transparency in its funding. News…

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Lance Forman

@RishiSunak Reduce Corp Tax to 10% (or scrap) or increase capital allowance to 100% yr1 Scrap IHT Scrap entrepren…

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20s Decade Digital Boy

@theserfstv @Twitch @TwitchSupport @trihex @majorityfm @Mike_from_PA Maybe @meganmweve, @jakeweigler or @mcusick13…

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david sirias

@ryangrim @NathanJRobinson Vestigial corp. tv will never have a lefty channel. The notion is risible for reasons to…

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