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Maxine Waters

Can you believe Federal Savings Bank's CEO forced through a $16 million loan for Paul "Money Laundering" Manafort a…

1 month ago

James Woods

Jesus, I thought only we had #Clinton level liars in our swamp. Didn’t realize it’s a worldwide pandemic.

1 month ago

Brigitte Gabriel

Peter Strzok has been FIRED. One more swamp monster GONE. This is a great sign - we must fight back against the deep state.

1 month ago

Dian Latty

RT @Razorsmack1: #RazorTrain71 @ScrewedHumans - @BJohnson2576 @Schmanki @ron_- absher @Swamp_Fever2020 @Razo- rsmack1 @Terri_1333 @spangles- vi @kj…

1 month ago


RT @kelliwardaz: Arizona can't afford to gamble on another RINO politician who says one thing on the campaign trail only to betray the trus…

1 month ago

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