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Russell Lyday

Starbucks Q&A drop in with interested students & parents about People to People International Student Travel for 20…

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Anna Fifield

Last September I was writing about North Korea’s sixth nuclear test, of a hydrogen bomb no less. This September: Th…

5 days ago

Mark Dice

CNN anchor spreading fake news (as usual). She was offered the opportunity to testify in private, you clown. Com…

5 days ago

Kyle Glaser

A lot of people like to bang on LA fans. But as I’ve started traveling to stadiums all over the country in my new r…

5 days ago


RT @CorporatShiksha: A plant needs roots in order to #grow. With man it is the other way around: only when he #grows does he have roots and…

4 days ago


RT @Anjalaaay: get married at home, invite <100 people, save all the money we would've spent and go on a month-long luxury holiday instead

4 days ago