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Bretman Rock 🐢

How would you guys feel if I had a pet turtle ? Is that problematic ?

9 hours ago

Bishop Talbert Swan

Dear Wypipo, For the 6,567,954,352,298th time: Having a Black friend, spouse, lover, child, niece, nephew, employe…

8 hours ago


TANJUG | Gde smo trenutno kad je reč o KiM? Vučić:Pričali smo pet sati i onda sam dobio poruku…

16 hours ago


RT @ultjaemint: ten wanting to pet the cat but the cat ran away from him :') my baobei is disappointed :(

just now

Thais ❤

Só Rayane pra me ajudar a passar em pet saga msm kkkkkk

just now

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Anand Giridharadas

America’s eighth-largest nonprofit donated $56.1 million to groups promoting love from 2015 to 2017. Sorry, I mean…

2 weeks ago

Joni Ernst

Taxpayers should not be forced to fund America’s largest abortion provider. I am continuing to fight to ensure that…

2 weeks ago


Charitable foundations are directly and indirectly giving millions of dollars to anti-Muslim hate groups, according…

2 weeks ago