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Donald J. Trump

Democrats are far more concerned with Illegal Immigrants than they are with our great Military or Safety at our dan…

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Bernie Sanders

People are more determined than ever to build a nation based on love and compassion, not hatred or division. Congra…

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Gov. Mike Huckabee

For Schumer the "Shutdown King" leader to claim Dems have no responsibility; he knows it takes 60 votes so he is ei…

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Elena A.

RT @DanOHerrin: I’ve spent a good bit of time in Mexico. This isn’t just a cute meme. *This is the truth*...and you should see their laws g…

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Steve 949

@FoxNews Are you guys still saying "release the memo," or have you moved on to some other fantasy?

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all the cats in literature live on the same plane of existence and all know each other. they go on routine walks al…

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#RedVelvet Members Talk About Crying At Their Concert, ISAC, Dramas, And Books

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British Museum

Lenin died #onthisday in 1924. The communist leader visited the Museum many times, using the books in the Reading R…

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RT @euqinimodart: yooo someone said today marked the 15th anniversary of the warrior cats release?? man i had not idea that when I discover…

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Xbox One Xが楽天ブックスにて販売再開中。 [楽天] #rakuafl

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