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zill chiiru バンコク坂46◢

@chompooxx Ophidiophobia- Fear of snakes. (Snakephobia) mISqlxAFQ

4 days ago

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Henry_ Agueros

WOW-----What is next on the HIT LIST for these malignant noxious Socialist/ Liberals who have phobia for anything A…

12 hours ago


Let's form a new vocabulary list like we used to get in elementary for the libs, they only know words like racist anything ending in phobia.

14 hours ago

B. James Wilson

Thanks to the movie "Deliverance," some people have developed a phobia to banjo music, but are spoons okay?

1 day ago


Why not eliminate men altogether? Everything would be so much safer. The world would be so much better. </sarcasm>…

1 day ago


Phobia – Beyond The Limit EP from New Rhythmic

1 day ago