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Ramesh Bala

#GeminiMan opens with $60 Million at the WW Box Office.. North America - $20 Million International - $40 Million…

1 day ago

billbored (In Dire Distress)

RT @HumanVirus11: @lisastark351 It’s like living in the Twilight Zone. The reality is we have a Mentally unbalanced Megalomaniac Narcissist…

12 minutes ago

Brother Moses

I just introduced @GregoryLeung to the Twilight Zone. He says "this is way better than The Office."

32 minutes ago


If you see me crying that means I trust you with my emotions so if you go and break our friendship I wouldn’t forgi…

44 minutes ago

placard corruption

.....and this was in a No Stopping Anytime zone with several other #placardperp vehicles. This endangers the publi…

51 minutes ago

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