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Latest tweets that mention “ - Tvoříme gaming v Česku a na Slovensku!”

Sergio Pérez

How can we make it clear that we never want to see a crane on track? We lost Jules because of that mistake. What…

1 month ago

Max Verstappen

World Champion 2022!!! We’ve been absolutely on it, the whole year. A season where we had a difficult start but k…

1 month ago

Lando Norris

Wtf. How’s this happened!? We lost a life in this situation years ago. We risk our lives, especially in conditions…

1 month ago

Leeloo Dallas

RT @kloogans: whenever i smell weed my body starts to float and follow the source of the smell like a cartoon smelling a freshly baked pie…

1 month ago

Tyler Meredith

RT @Mme_EmilyS: La campagne de Catherine McKenney travaille tellement fort pour parler avec les gens dans chaque quartier d'Ottawa. Plus qu…

1 month ago