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After gym poke bowl is about to SLAP

2 hours ago

serena bot

You're my pika-girl, in the poke world. Oh, I won the gym badge, but you won my heart. (Pika!)

3 hours ago

FvX Gaming

@EggGangYT @RedLightning_11 Why did you delete your server? You know people spent alot of their time there, like Sy…

6 hours ago

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Narendra Modi

The stupendously talented @Pvsindhu1 makes India proud again! Congratulations to her for winning the Gold at the…

3 weeks ago

Kyle Madson

NFL players: “Andrew Luck is a warrior. I get why he quit.” Tom, your neighbor who hires someone to cut his grass: “Andrew Luck is soft!”

3 weeks ago

Virender Sehwag

Pained at the passing away of #ArunJaitley ji. Apart from having served greatly in public life , he played a huge r…

3 weeks ago