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Imelda Tangkesalu

RT @SMTOWNGLOBAL: SHINee & EXO-K at ‘2012 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards Ceremony' http://t.co/B4eCMztn


6 years ago


f(x) performs on the 2012 Popular Culture Arts Awards http://t.co/FqOPqDXf


6 years ago

burrito queen

hey do u wanna do popular kid stuff like egg the nerds houses with me?? ok yeah cool lets head back to my house and egg my bedroom window


6 years ago

Christopher White

Not a popular view @sportchippers, but time to start questioning SoD - the performances are just not good enough when looking at the squad..


6 years ago

Sven Friend

Hoo, boy! I yam gettin popular. Jes cause I stands up fer da right and aginst da wrong. Better vatch out fer actions by da elected.


6 years ago

vivian patrick

RT @i_giddi: LOL RT @Christinelastar: True"@Mr_popular: Remedy for broken hearts --> Good friends, Family & shopping spree's #BMB"


6 years ago

D. Renee

RT @Cbaby4Real: “@Mr_popular I'd rather lose you than lose myself trying to keep you. #BMB”


6 years ago

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