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Kasie Hunt

This gives Lisa Murkowski an opening to vote “no” that isn’t about the allegation. There has been a lot of pressure…

5 hours ago

Tanzina Vega

Seen in Loiza, Puerto Rico one of the largest communities of black Puerto Ricans on the island. Abuela "What are w…

1 day ago


#BREAKING - Police say Prince George's County officers executed search warrant at apartment where suspect didn't re…

8 hours ago

Maëlle Salmon 🐟

@jeremymlane - @R4DScommunity is a friendly crowd - I wrote a blog post about where to ask R questions, it mentions…

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RT @Alyssa_Milano: TO ANY JOURNALISTS FOLLOWING ME! I just heard from a source that 13 of Southwest Key's "shelters" for immigrant youth…

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