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Senator Rand Paul

Yesterday there was an attempt to incite people by publishing the personal information of Senators - including home…

3 weeks ago


WATCH: Sen. Whitehouse reviews Judge Kavanuagh's calendar, and discusses what information an FBI investigation coul…

3 weeks ago

Ezra Klein

To say the FBI doesn't come to conclusions so you don't need FBI investigations is like saying MRIs don't come to c…

3 weeks ago

Gerald White

RT @TopherSpiro: Susan Collins's website has crashed. Her phone lines are busy and her mailboxes are full. All of them. Keep up the pressur…

3 weeks ago

SongwriterTc's mom

RT @ritamaereese: @senatemajldr Dr. Ford was polite and credible and put herself and her family at risk to bring you information you need i…

3 weeks ago