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RT @hybridmink: Hikari, aka Mythra, as she appears in Torna. I really dug finally getting to play as her. Xenoblade 2’s characters are so e…

6 minutes ago

Kay “The Nut-Wife” Gabriel 🌰🍂

got my contributor copies of Salvage, cool to see this old thing in print 💊

22 minutes ago


RT @v0g3l: Don't know what to do during the holidays @banditloaf @wccic ? Print a #wingcommander medal set! I uploaded my files & instructi…

23 minutes ago

Hiatus (Jojo)

RT @hybridmink: Male Robin casting arc fire. put it on a thing at my (other) shop: progr- ess sketches and HD files:…

26 minutes ago

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Fox News

A 5-year-old boy in Ohio is all set for Halloween after his family created a custom costume to fit around his wheel…

2 months ago

Harley Rouda

Our campaign is not about party labels, it’s about our country. I'm honored to have support from Dem. Ind. & Rep.…

2 months ago

Subramanian Swamy

A compromise in Sabarimalai Temple issue proposed: 1) Menstruating women are not in the eyes of the divinity impure…

2 months ago

Engage Web

RT @trazlynn: I have one slot open for a custom tip jar commission! They are $10 if anyone is interested! They include the custom css and t…

1 month ago


RT @katouuyoshihisa: #拡散希望 #遺失物 #スネアドラム #都内 #盗難 #pearl まだ見つかっていません。 10/16(火)午前2〜4時頃、スネアをなくしました。 Pearl Masters Custom extra MCX1465 製造番号は失…

1 month ago