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Adam Schiff

To those who have said that Trump is committed to the rule of law, and that he would never seek to turn his persona…

15 hours ago

Max Boot

All you need to know about @realDonaldTrump is that he's tougher on Adm. Bill McRaven than he is on Crown Prince Mo…

17 hours ago

Daniel Dale

So, out of their Acosta nonsense, the White House has made it a punishable violation for anyone to say “could you p…

1 day ago


You may come across a fact or tidbit of information that you s... More for Virgo

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Fred Guttenberg

Senator Cruz, my daughter did not die because god was removed from public square. She died because your crazy polic…

1 month ago

kevin abstract

praise god hallelujah im still depressed

1 month ago


stream iridescence or die

1 month ago


RT @melonius_: #미친듯이_웃은짤을_올려보자 나는 이거 보면 아직도 눈물흘리면서 웃음

1 month ago


RT @RolandTichy: Auf eine Lüge folgen viele neue Lügen. Dushan Wegner über eine Regierung, die den Ausgang aus ihrem selbstgebauten Lügenge…

1 month ago