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Paradise Bought

Samba. Accessorizing: Selling accessories books, compatible hardware, complete diet send chills down the closed projects,

2 weeks ago

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Joe Scarborough

It’s not just @CNN that misstates the strength of these jobs reports. Most outlets are influenced by Trump’s false…

2 weeks ago

Fox News

Fmr @FBI Director @Comey testified to the House Intel Committee that FBI agents did not believe Michael Flynn inten…

2 weeks ago

Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Here's the back half of Rod Rosenstein's public remarks yesterday... Congressional oversight is important. Congres…

2 weeks ago

Victor Bond

RT @mavin_network: Our #CEO was interviewed by @globaltechbox about the #mavin project and questions a #startup faces. #influencermarketing…

2 weeks ago

Zero Tachikoma

@mang0kitty Oh that reminds me, Project Loud Sword. Turns out while swords are all restricted and such, I can drive…

2 weeks ago