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Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad

The round-table was attended by academics from unis like NDU (@NDU_EDU), Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU), NUML Islama…

6 days ago

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Subramanian Swamy

PTs: Tell Jinnah wali Azadi morons that the only child of Jinnah, his daughter, rejected Pakistan and chose India a…

1 month ago


More protests in Iran: In front of Tehran Polytechnic University: “Death to the Islamic Republic, down with Khamen…

1 month ago

Bernie Sanders

Four-year public university tuition in 1965 cost $261 a year. Today, it is $10,440 a year. Taxpayers paid for a tr…

1 month ago

Hammad Shah⭕

RT @zahyKhan5730645: #Nation_Rejected_PTM For the first time, the head of the Pakistan Army's Public Relations has officially opened talks…

1 month ago


RT @TheSpeaker2018: Wow this is big..These Iranians know the real enemy is thier own corrupt government regime! Today the majority of stu…

1 month ago