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Brian Cox

The reason we knew there would be an eclipse today, @realDonaldTrump, is that science works.

1 month ago

NASA Sun & Space

Our Solar Dynamics Observatory saw #Eclipse2017, too! Keep an eye on this page for more satellite views:…

1 month ago

Sarah Kendzior

She works for an admin that defunds scientists, denies climate change, destroys national parks. If they could ruin…

1 month ago

澄都(すみと)くん 京都市上下水道局

8月26日土曜日には,「琵琶湖疏水通船復活応援寄付金」をPRするトラフィカ京カードを発売するから,ぜひみんなも購入してね♪ 発売枚数,販売場所等の詳細はこちら。

1 month ago

President approves sacking of Minister Wijedasa

1 month ago