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Caroline Lucas

Obliterating the UK's climate targets clearly isn't enough for @claireperrymp. Now she wants to encourage new unde…

1 month ago

Emily G

I’m Emily. I’m a Lead Data Scientist with 15 years of experience in tech, including regulatory issues in software d…

1 month ago

Prof. Steve Hanke

RioZim might be the first domino to fall unless policies are drastically changed at the Reserve Bank of #Zimbabwe.…

1 month ago


RT @moralbaseline: The Meat & Dairy Industries are: 1. A clear documented threat to the environment. 2. A clear documented threat to human…

1 month ago

A ¼ Centurion

RT @BarziniTgif: Channel your creativity into self development. Look for creative ways to create opportunities for yourself. Network, partn…

1 month ago

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