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Shafiq Samat

Just posted a photo @ Raoul @ Raffles City http://t.co/jbseye6v


7 years ago

Rebecca Rufino

Giant Yakult for Que & Raoul. Pls show to Que and tell him I got it na. Can Rocket have Yakult too? @banxlor http://t.co/dc5itpcM


7 years ago

☢ Frau Blut ☢

#LaListe J'adore Raoul Ruiz


7 years ago

Raoul Hernandez

RT @extranapkins: This guy at th club said to "shake whatcha mama gave ya" I was like, you mean this constant sense of horrible shame? I ...


7 years ago

Melanie Somers

@ElliottCFrancis @RJCity1 He did great last weekend, but yes, I can see him as Raoul, too, and Gaston from #BeautyandtheBeast lol


7 years ago

raoul mangoensentono

"If you don't trust the messenger, why would you trust the message?" Chris Martin


7 years ago

Tri Priana Hadari

RT @sadyanuranisa: RT @agilangmentari: Happy Birthday, Nak Raoul, Cep Raoul, Paul!!! Elingggg!! ◄;p @RaoulAntonio


7 years ago

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