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ロシア・ビヨンド 日本

子供の頃に見るアニメは、心の中で特別な位置を占めるものだ。- それは旧ソ連で育った人々にとっても同じだ。これら10本の名- 作ロシア・アニメを見れば、ロシア人は懐かしくなる。

1 month ago

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Joel Rubin

Let’s be clear: Gohmert is calling for the end of American democracy. He wants a VP & Prez to ping pong power betw…

1 month ago

Randy Quaid

Exact same play book as the impeachment/Russia Hoax NO COLLUSION & NO BIDEN VOTES. THE BIDEN HOAX!

1 month ago

Emerald Robinson ✝️

There's a Russia Hoax conspiracy theorist at @CNN who keeps pushing garbage to people trapped at airports.

2 months ago

Malebo Mokoto

RT @JohnKani2: If Russia has a vaccine, China has a vaccine, India almost has a vaccine, Brazil is about to use the Russia Sputnik V vaccin…

1 month ago


@FemboyPhilosopy “The only non-fascist country to originally side with Nazi Germany was soviet Russia” ... Aside fr…

1 month ago