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@DonaldJTrumpJr We fought Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany while battling the Great Depression, we can’t rebuild fro…

15 hours ago

Ira E. Murray, PhD

Steelers are officially in the depression stage of the rebuild. But I liked what I saw from Kenny Pickett. He doesn’t play scared…

2 days ago

☆Trevor Kent Sunderman☆

@Telegraph Allow labels to drop all artists; seize their funds; and resign them like musical chairs on federal prob…

2 days ago

im not happy

RT @VoughtSikorsky: On shed at Redhill in May 1938, Large Vulcan C2X 2441 is a credit to Marsh's Edwardian rebuild policy. While its small…

4 days ago

Robby Quintero

@JeffGSpursZone Well, he was. Poor dude had Toronto taken from him, battled depression, and was playing for a team…

4 days ago

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