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Brad Parscale

Huge victories tonight in North Carolina in NC-3 & especially NC-9. Congrats to Congressmen-elect Murphy & Bishop…

1 month ago

Paul Brand

BREAKING: Yellowhammer docs say impact of No Deal would include: - HGV delays of 1.5-2.5 days at Dover - increased…

1 month ago

John Fugelsang

I'm writing a script abt a Nixon-era Bible Thumper who wakes from a 45-yr coma to discover Mick Jagger is more mora…

1 month ago


@johnmcdonnellMP And three boats apparently. The hypocrisy of you and JC (richer than Boris) is Stalinist to. Huge…

1 month ago

Lutra Lutra

@murielwickenden It is in our genes to be drawn to the sea, something entices us towards the distant horizon across…

1 month ago