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Em costa assimilar que els Estats Units siguin com un poble gegant on trobes gent que et dóna conversa a pertot, ta…

1 month ago

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Mark Hamill

"40 Wall St actually was the 2nd tallest building in downtown Manhattan & it was before the WTC, the tallest & then…

1 month ago

Caroline Lucas

Brexiteers promised a ban on live animal exports. Now @MichaelGove says it won't happen. This Tory Brexit is bu…

1 month ago


RT @AllisonforMD: Stoked that @KQAindivisible made a graphic of what @RepAndyHarrisMD said when I wrote to him for HELP & asked if he’d vot…

1 month ago

John Tory

In Scarborough today to see the work going on right now for GO expansion and SmartTrack. Proud to see our City's tr…

1 month ago