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Radical rudeness

Traditional Healers!! Are they really, Yes, very really!! can they remove physical objects from your body wich y…

3 weeks ago

Ino Vati

RT @LISResearch: RT @timeshighered: Like it or not, Wikipedia is used by students around the world – so academics should teach them how to…

3 weeks ago

Dyll Reveniens

@pharetrata So I'm guessing Austrian dialects don't use "es" for the neuter the same way that Palatinate, Rheinisch…

3 weeks ago


@richchashy @Williamz902 @PacheduZW @edmnangagwa @MthuliNcube @nelsonchamisa @BitiTendai @Wamagaisa @ProfJNMoyo Saq…

3 weeks ago

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