Remus Lupin tweets

Millicent Bystander

Remus Lupin/Gomez Addams. That is all.

6 years ago

Kristi Einberg

@Ingrid_Martens1 Third.Because all my three favea are in the same film for the very first time-Snape,Sirius Black and Remus Lupin;)

6 years ago

Nikol Brimer

Hmm. Lucius Malfoy serving Remus Lupin, who has half a dragon's heart.

6 years ago

potterhead. ⚡

RT for David Thewils, the best Remus Lupin ever.

6 years ago

Loki's Kitten.

Let's just take a minute to cry over that Remus Lupin quote about Lily Evans and appreciate their friendship for a moment.

6 years ago

Oliver Wood

"Now repeat after me….without wands please….repeat after me, Riddikulus!" - Remus Lupin

6 years ago

Sherona G.T.D Martin

Photoset: Top 30 favorite fictional characters, in alphabetical order 14. Remus Lupin ❖ “That suggests that...

6 years ago

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