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【公式】バイオハザード / RESIDENT EVIL PORTAL Official

23 years ago today was the day Resident Evil Code Veronica was released!🎉 RE CV mainly tells the story of the Redf…

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Will | Resident Evil Central 👁️

49 days until Resident Evil 4 Remake is released. #REBHFun #REBH26th #ResidentEvil4Remake #Biohazard #ResidentEvil

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【公式】バイオハザード / RESIDENT EVIL PORTAL Official

A new article added to the Resident Evil Portal! Who is "he", the iconic #ResidentEvil character with a strong sen…

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lexie | aeon or bust

RT @Monarch_Noon: Leon ❤️ a quick destress drawing #LeonKennedy #ResidentEvil4Remake #ResidentEvil P.s. my thesis is going well ☺️ https:/…

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The Hacker News

⚡ A new detailed analysis of FIN7 #cybercrime syndicate has revealed its organizational hierarchy and role as a par…

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