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Shekhar Gupta

Celebrate the joy of 2 hockey teams in Olympic S-F, remember to send a humble thank-you note to Odisha and its CM…

1 month ago

Erin Biba

Ohhh are people talking about Terry Pratchett today??? Here's one of my favorite brilliant anecdotes from him about…

1 month ago


There's going to come a point where the global warming caused by rich countries, sends whole cities of poorer count…

1 month ago

Bharat Agrawal

@Forbes Forbes looks like you should stick to o doing the top 500 rich lists. Don't fckn mess with stuff you don't…

1 month ago

Mayank Sagar

RT @outcastritesh: Celebration, when poor Bahujans. Bashing, when rich Bahujans. Savarna gaze.

1 month ago

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